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Heart of spiral fire

I am spinning in circles of ecstacy, and sometimes I get so dizzy I stumble.
I bump into another, and I giggle, expecting them to get the joke, and to laugh with me.
Instead they look at me with caution, and hurry away, muttering to their friends.

I burn red. What have I done? What must they think?
I wanted us to rejoice together. Now they want nothing to do with me.
They think I am unhinged, but the only thing unhinging me is my desire to love.

Still I burn. I can feel the flames leaping deep within,
an ecstatic fire, fanned by the breath of the holy one.
I want to share it, but my words get tangled,
and even I don't like what I hear.
No. No, that's not what I meant.
The only vocabulary I have is theirs,
but honestly, I am not trying to say the same thing.
At least, I think I'm not.
Maybe I have misunderstood them as well.
Maybe they are wrestling words as well.
Tiny little things. Bursting.

And now I want so much to share from the deepest parts,
but I am afraid;
afraid of an 'oh, that's nice'.
At best.
Because there is a gulf between me and you
that cannot be bridged by words.
That cannot be bridged,
only be filled.
Filled by Love.

And it is already filled.
Look and see.


A little 'ello

Just a little about me...
I'm a girl in my mid-20s. I adore reading and writing and music, but most of all I love exploring the Spirit.

I have been brought up an Anglo-Catholic Christian, but I love the beauty of all forms of spiritual expression, even atheistic expression. "God" isn't the only name for that great something behind everything.

I currently am studying Tibetan Buddhism, reading heavily about Universal Sufism, and undertaking my novociate to enter the Third Order of the Society of Saint Francis.

This is the path I walk. May you all be blessed on yours.


Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart Be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord.

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November 2016
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