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Gates to my Perception

don't say I didn't warn you...

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3 October
I tend to focus on understanding and attempting to fathom some of the possibilities regarding pre-reality, reality, post-reality, and, of course, non-reality. I also try to understand the human psyche, but, not much luck, as I have discovered my own is not one which is a good specimin, as it refuses to reveal anything to me.

My LiveJournal is just a personal little blog where I write about whatever may come to my head, but my main topics are spirituality, Harry Potter (in particular, Snape), and my (as yet upcoming, at the time of writing) pilgrimage to the antipodes.

I live for love and for music and for communion with this vast universe (which I tend to speak about in Christian terms, although I feel affinities with all manner of systems for interpreting the unknowable).

Singing is the launguage of the soul, dancing is the expression of emotion, drama is an outlet for what is repressed.

Have Fun. Spread Joy. Share Love.

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